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P&M Tech achieved Chinese National High-tech Company certificate

Release date:2020-12-11

Recently, P&M Tech achieved Chinese National High-tech Company certificate, indicating that the technical capacity of P&M Tech have been recognized by Chinese government.

Since P&M Tech founded, we focus on innovation and technology research, and we based on Shenzhen's policy and industrial chain, Organize the technical team in Shenzhen and Beijing to cooperate closely. Just two years, we developed a lot of innovative solutions. P&M Tech has obtained the patents and software copyright 21 items. P&M Tech's technical capacity cover all kinds of payment terminal, including the compliance solution of POS terminal, face-payment device solution, blockchain evaluation solution have reached the leading level worldwide.

P&M Tech attaches importance to the Human Resources Development. Currently, P&M Tech has a young and capable team, and the research personnel accounted for more than 70%. We believe that high-quality talent team to enhance the ability of technological innovation, but also for the rapid growth of the enterprise to lay a foundation.

P&M Tech believe that pragmatism leads to success and innovation leads to the future. We will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, and continue to serve customers with higher quality products.

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