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Payment Devices Solution
P&M Tech has independent intellectual property rights of payment device compliance technical solutions, and provides the best technical consulting services in the industry to help device manufacturer quickly and low-cost to develop the product.
Service Content
Scope of Services
  • EMV Level 1 Contactless
    EMV Level 1 Contactless
  • EMV Level 1
    EMV Level 1
  • EMV Level 2
    EMV Level 2
  • UnionPay QuickPass
    UnionPay QuickPass
  • VISA Paywave
    VISA Paywave
  • MasterCard Paypass
    MasterCard Paypass
  • American Express ExpressPay
    American Express ExpressPay
  • Discover D-PAS
    Discover D-PAS
  • JCB Contactless
    JCB Contactless
Our Advantage
  • Professional Service

  • Best Terminal Compliance Solution

  • Test at BCTC

  • 80% market share in China